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Open Ideas Competition, Chandigarh

This competition was done in a group of six. Brief : The Ideas competition is a collective brainstorming exercise to foster the spirit of civic participation, that is directed at Sector 22 of Chandigarh; and asks the contributors to specifically address the needs of the sector under the four themes- Mobility, Neighborhood, Community & Economy. The spirit of this competition is cooperation, collaboration and participation.

Of the three entries submitted, we won second place for our entry in the Economy category. 

Economy - Meeting the civic needs of local economic players - merchants, service providers, vendors, offices. Aligning economic and institutional actors with local civic needs. Approach:  Community Libraries : aim to utilize existing school buildings, back yards and  outhouses of the residents of Sector 22. A membership fee will be charged which will be used for expanding the library, maintenance and upkeep of the books, book reading clubs, workshops and gatherings. 

Urban Farming : Sector 22 has many unused, empty lots that can be used for urban farming, which will help to promote a sense of community, care for the environment and collaboration among the citizens. Urban Farming can be practiced either at an individual level or by forming a council or organized group. The organic produce from these farming activities can be sold at local and to restaurants or can be donated to temples.

Re-organizing the Local Vendors : The Local vendors contribute largely to the economy. From fruit and vegetable vendors to street food vendors, the streets of Sector 22 and spotted with groups of people gathering around them to make purchases. The idea is to organize these vendors in a way that they do not obstruct the flow of pedestrians or traffic and in turn benefit from better infrastructure.

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