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Tour De Puducherry

'Tour de Puducherry' translates to 'Tour of Puducherry'. This is a travel journal compiled by three friends, architecture students, travel enthusiasts and foodies as they spent time exploring the former French Colony of Puducherry!

The plan of the city of Pondicherry is based on the French grid pattern. The town is divided into two sections: the French Quarter and the Tamil quarter. There are further sub division within the Tamil quarter namely, the Hindu, Muslim and the Christian Quarter. Many streets retain French names, and villas in French architectural styles are a common sight. 

The aim of the study was to understand -

  •  the context as well as culture of Puducherry.

  • To study the inherent cultural fabric existing in Puducherry since French colonialism and its impact on the Tamil culture .

  • To focus on the growth of two diverse cultures in close proximity of each other with their individual thresholds.

  • To gain a holistic understanding of how the city functions from macro to micro level.

To achieve this, we divided our study, into macro and micro design elements. Covering topics like (but not restricted to)

  • Streetscapes – exploring the composition and proportion of buildings to each other

  • Facades – Exploring how each individual element contributes to the bigger picture.

  • Elements – Looking at the detailing and the intricacy with which they handle their structures.

  • Food and Lifestyle – Grasp an overall understanding of the way the people lead their lives there.

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